Thursday, June 20, 2013

Preserving Energy

There has been some drama in my extended family and it has been exhausting. People are talking mean about other people and getting easily offended. Accusations are flying along with half truths and assumptions. Not to get into the details, but to give you an idea what I am talking about it involves land and money that was my grandpa's when he was alive. You know, totally material things that really don't matter in the grand scheme of things. Why is it that we are so guilty of wasting so much time and energy in this life on the things that won't matter a bit in the next? I have stayed mostly silent on the issue because I can't keep up on what the issue really is anyway. But yesterday in a moment of weakness I joined the conversation, only to be met with a counter attack. It was the first time I inserted myself and the last. Honestly it's not about anger for me. It's about exhaustion. I have been exhausted by the family situation, and I learned yesterday that I am even more exhausted by efforts to address the situation. I am in a period of my life of significantly limited energy so I need to preserve what I have. I have decided that for now I will only focus my energy on things that 1-) I have some control over and 2-) are positive in my life. To get myself started I made a list of ten things I can do that meets these requirements:

1- Fold laundry, imagine how cute my kids look in their clothes, put them away and admire "the laundry
     chair" being clean (such a rarity!).
2- Watch The Bachelorette (I know it is weird, but it really does fit. Somehow that show indulges me in a
     world of fantasy while at the same time making me appreciate my own life more than ever)
3- Sing a long to the radio in my car at the top of my lungs. Dance along a little too.
4- Sew something. Anything. Preferably for my kids.
5- Spend less time on Facebook and more time reading a book
6- Call my sister and inevitable talk for hours, probably mostly about things that are out of our control
7- Take a walk. Stop to smell the roses.
8- Try out a new hairstyle. Get a new cut if I am really brave.
9- Jump on the bed. Invite my kids to join me.
10- Take a bath. With bubbles. And a good book. 

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